The Taranaki Sports Day kicked off at the stadium with an atmosphere full of excitement and enthusiasm as Mishka from Netball Taranaki led the group in playing fun games to practice passing, catching, and moving skills. The energy continued to rise as the group transitioned to the hockey turf, where Julia and her talented team from Taranaki Hockey guided the kids through various hockey movements and skills. To add to the fun, the group participated in a game of tunnel ball and hockey golf, leaving the kids absolutely delighted with their newfound hockey skills, including the art of juggling the ball on the end of their sticks.

Next, the kids delved into rugby skills with the boys from Taranaki Community Rugby who taught them the intricacies of passing the ball with a clever analogy of “swinging out arms like an elephant truck.” The kids also learned how to manoeuvre their bodies in different directions and perfect their kicking technique. The day was a whirlwind of different sports and activities, culminating in a visit to the Aquatics Centre next door, where the kids enjoyed races and quality time with their friends.

A heartfelt thank you was extended to all coaches, helpers, and families who contributed to making the day full of laughter, fun, and valuable learning experiences.