Halberg Endowment Fund

You may want to leave a gift or bequest to the Halberg Endowment Fund in your will. By making a bequest you will help us focus on building a financial legacy to support the Halberg Foundation well beyond your own lifetime.

Income generated by the Fund will be made available to the Foundation to assist its vital work with physically disabled young people who face significant barriers to their participation in sport and recreation.

There are several ways to leave a gift to the Halberg Endowment Fund in your will. You can:

  • Leave a residuary gift

This is the money or assets left over from your estate after it has been divided up amongst family, friends or others you wish to remember.

  • Leave a nominated percentage

This would be a specified fraction of your total estate left to the Halberg Endowment Fund.

  • Leave a specific gift

This is a specific amount of money, real estate, bonds, stock or other assets you may choose to gift to the Halberg Endowment Fund.
You can leave a bequest anonymously if you wish, or you can advise us of your gift.

When making or (or renewing) your will or establishing a family trust, you should discuss your wish to make a gift to the Halberg Endowment Fund with your lawyer or trustee company and talk about possible options.

For more information about making a bequest or a gift to Halberg, please contact the Fund's chair - Adrienne Olsen - on [email protected] or call her on 029 286 3650.